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The Company aims to lead the Japanese general flow control industry by becoming the most versatile valve manufacturer. To fulfill this goal, KITZ has widened its product range and offered more convenient product sourcing to its customers. It has also employed the just-in-time product system to dramatically improve its production efficiency, particularly for smaller and more varied customer needs.

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KITZ UK representative office has been closed as of December 31, 2012. Please rest assured that the administrative transfer to KITZ EUROPE GmbH, which is now the European regional headquarters that has begun operating from January 2013 in Nidderau, Germany.

Company name : KITZ Europe GmbH
Address : Siemensstraße 1, 61130 Nidderau, Germany
Tel No. : +49 (0)6187 928 100
Fax No. : +49 (0)6187 928 199
Mail address :

For more detailed information about the KITZ group, please visit the following website.

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To purchase valves from our distributors, please click on the image below of the product you require. This will take you to our Distributor map, which shows where our products can be purchased from, together with full Distributor details.